The Lt. Governor has a specific role in higher education as she sits on the UC Board of Regents and the CSU Board of Trustees. I want to take these positions and advocate to reduce costs and increase access to California schools. We have one of the best systems of higher education in the world – but too many students cannot be part of it because either the schools lack the space or the students lack the funds.

I’m currently exploring ideas for how we can make college more affordable; I support the move to make our community colleges free and believe we should look at all options so that students can graduate debt-free from 4 year schools.


Getting more California kids engaged in their Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes helps prepare them for in-demand careers and benefits all California families, schools and state employers who would have access to a better-trained work force.  

There are 75 vocational education focused schools in California and nearly 50% of all California high-school students are taking at least three CTE classes and those student graduate at a higher rate than those who don't.  

Demand for health-care workers is booming and manufacturing is making a come back.  Vocational education can work for students exploring the high paying industries of engineering and computer science as well -- jobs that are becoming more skilled and specialized by the day.  


Better jobs and greater economic opportunity for more Californians are at the top of the list. I spent my business career helping to develop homes for middle class families. And when I returned from serving as an Ambassador under President Obama, it was so apparent to me that many communities in our state have not recovered. Even in our large urban areas, there are those who are feeling the rising housing prices and are at risk of being left behind. We need to make sure we're working to create jobs in every part of the state and at all levels so families have the chance to move into -- and thrive in -- the middle class.

Broadband deployment and adoption programs are one of the most doable and best policy measures that can be undertaken to boost the economy. As Lt. Governor, I will work hand in hand with the state's leading broadband experts, the California Broadband Council, the California Emerging Technology Fund, and the UC Riverside Center for Broadband Policy to make sure every person in every corner of California is connected to the internet and has the skills necessary to be able to fully participate in the 21st century economy.


I want to use this position to make sure we’re prepared for future disasters. Just this year, we almost had a major failure at the Oroville Dam, San Jose was hit with floods, Southern California has a high risk of mud slides. In short, in our large, geographically diverse state, we’re at risk of multiple disasters at almost any time. We need to be much more prepared to both prevent and deal with the fallout of these emergencies. I'll make it a top priority.